Bwana President,

Allow me to go straight to the point like a bull on a heifer.

I am a hopeless young Kenyan. It pains me to admit this. I suppose hopelessness is the worst state one can be in. A dangerous one.

I look at tomorrow, to the future and it is pitch dark. It would be foolish and naïve of me to think I can preempt the future. Nevertheless, the future is in my dreams and the key is in the present.


Your governance has been a rollercoaster of expectations and emotions. From optimism, anger to the current pitiful state of hopelessness.

Our country contradicts all the beliefs that society has impressed onto me. 

Work hard and you will be successful. Have a moral code. Abide by the rules. The sky’s the limit.

The reality is that the worst of us are the ones who are most successful in our society. 

Being ruthless and connected is the minimum requirement for success.

Like Joseph’s bedevilled coat, our country of many colours is divided up while Wanjiku is sold into slavery.

You told us the SGR would be our ride to the promised land. You changed that to the BIG 4 agenda.

Now it is the BBI. The game changer. A golden key to peace and prosperity.

The monkeys are promising us to change their antics if we take them to another forest. A greener one.

What will it be next? All I see is a serial hoodwink. A rocking chair ever in motion but never leading us anywhere. 


Bwana President, I looked up to you. Rather, I envied you. 

You have eaten life with a golden spoon. It is as if the gods are always rooting for you. 

Fate gave you this position. I can’t fault you for that.

On the other hand, I was born to a ‘rich’ family, in my own respect. Not rich in terms of material possessions, but rich in heart. My family did not have much to give. Love was the only thing in abundance. The little we had was shared selflessly to make sure we all lived comfortably.

I was taught more is never enough. What matters is contentment with what I have.


The Maasai culture has stood out against civilisation. One of their renown practices is the sacred ownership of cattle.

The Maasai slaughter their cattle in an intricate process passed down through generations.

Each part of the meat is divided accordingly. The men, women, children and the elderly each get a section of the meat. An agreed and equitable way to share this resource.

Our country has gone to the slaughterhouse. Regrettably, the goat was slaughtered and eaten by only a few privileged people. They claimed it was their turn to eat. The ones who reared the goat and those who slaughtered it are crying foul. 

The goat eaters have come back. The stink of the goat meat trails them. Without shame, they are offering us the hooves and the intestines which they found too despicable to eat. The goat was ours in first place. We toiled and sweated to fatten it. 

‘’ We want another goat!’’ the goat eaters demand. 

Should we remind them that they grabbed the fields where we grazed the goats? 

We are hungry and angry. The goat pens are empty.

Our hunger is making us desperate. Only one option remains. We will devour and eat the goat eaters.

Bwana President, laying the blame for the current state of affairs in our country on you is illogical. Nonetheless, our position has been a gradual process of decadence and rot. We are reaping the seeds we sowed.

Is it too late? Will you leave our country better than you found it?

It has come a time for us to speak the truth. No matter, how hurtful it is. The day always comes when words themselves have their say.

The truth will set us free. Not yet, Uhuru.


  • Millicent Tipatet

    This is so accurate and eloquent!!??

  • Kashata

    Couldn’t have been said any better.

  • Melon

    Again….louder for those at the back…Not yet Uhuru! ifikie mzazi wa Kenya…

  • Kelly G

    It pains me to see the opportunities that ought to lay the foundation of our future slowly and steadily vanishing. Our former President took us out of the rut only to be sank into a deeper one by the current Plesdent.

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