It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.

These words from a Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens transcend times, places and people.

Today, we bring you tales of people and the lessons they drew from a rollercoaster of a year. In their own words:

Every man for himself, God for us all. Hii period watu wamekuwa solo so kuna struggles watu wamepata and had to fight for themselves.

– Wolf pack mentality. Kuna assertiveness watu wamepata through independence. Hio group thinking imefanya watu wabebwe ufala ama ata wakose kujijua poa. I feel people have had time to learn about themselves.

– Self growth. In retrospection people have been able to identify areas in their lives where they needed to grow.


Planning and being patient for results. At the end of each and every year I do resolutions which most of us do, and by the end of March I stop following the resolutions obviously juu mwaka imezeeka sasa. For this year I have been able to plan well for myself. I don’t know whether it’s because there was a lot of time doing it ama niaje. But I feel nafaa to push the same to 2021. Then waiting for everything to get on its course.


Life is too short. Give the people you love flowers while they’re here to smell them.


I had huge plans for the year and one thing that I take away from 2020 is the flexibility mindset in a fluid world. I’ve gradually come to appreciate change more with a view of making the most of the situation instead of trying to resist/deny the facts at hand. This change of heart and mind has enabled me to look at the glass half full and this has opened my eyes to many opportunities where I can give value intentionally amid life’s shortcomings. I’ve also had many virtual mentors, one who comes to mind is Seth Godin who believes everyone is a Marketer, Marketing meaning doing work that matters for people who care.


Observance, situational awareness, listening and attention to things around us.


2020 has been one of those years that really…. Oh well…

But my biggest lesson has to be that happiness is created not found.

We are a race that is driven by the search for happiness. We base it on material things or superficial ones instead of creating it for ourselves in which case it would be an endless supply.

So we should endeavor to have Sensuous aesthetic gratification, where in a moment, in an instant, we are rewarded for just being.


Take care of yourself. Your physical, mental and emotional self. I know it may sound a little selfish but sometimes we pour ourselves out to people and things and forget that we should give that same love, attention and care to ourselves. And if you’re not nourishing yourself how then can you be kinder and loving to others? It isn’t the easiest thing to do but like a muscle, we learn to flex it everyday. Some days we fail, on others we trip terribly but we choose to be kinder to ourselves as we learn to love and take care of ourselves. Lol ?✨


Whatever you are afraid of doing, f***ing do it and f*** people’s opinions


Sherehe haitaki hasira.


Change is a given in life. This covid has brought about so many changes in this world right now. The best one can do is pay attention to the world and be willing and prepared to change… Or at least try to be prepared


I have so many lessons learnt  this year but one shaped me. At one point during the year I fell sick. This definitely defined a portion of my existence at that time.  I learnt the art of giving and offering a hand to anyone. I received overwhelming help from strangers ( being given a stretcher by a stranger all the way  to recovery). This was all done by people whom I met in  hospital. To date, It gives me more satisfaction to empower others. Be grateful. Appreciate everything (health). It’s also nice to have a support team close to you.

Secondly ,the ability of staying focused on your purpose in the midst of adversity was greatly revealed in me. I was flexible enough and by working with a plan and executing things around priorities made everything work for me. No matter the situation ,you can’t cry forever, the world is not waiting. A lot of capability was revealed in me. I’m not limited. I was just comfortable with the status quo(in the past ,pain can push us ). All said and done 2020 was great . It was a transformational  year. It’s about you.


Going back to basics. This pandemic has shown us how to live in harmony with each other through caring for each other. As before the society have been so self centered. Don’t want to know what the other person is going through. Also it showed us no country is bigger than the other. We’re all in the same playing field.


I think I’d say how we don’t have control over so many things…no matter how powerful you are as a human there’s still so much outside your influence.


Acceptance/non- resistance-  agreeing with  whatever adverse situation I’m dealing with, if I can’t do anything about the situation I’ll probably ‘act’ undisturbed by it and believe it’ll go away on its own and just looking for lessons/good in every adversary.


There is no specific flow to life. One does not have to follow the system…I.e. education>employment> retirement… Life will go on regardless…


My main takeaway this year has been the understanding that people are a great asset in life. Everyone you meet along in life shapes you, taking advantage of them(their skills, their intellect and abilities). You cannot get to climb to the next level without someone having to hold your hand. All opportunities I have gotten this year have been as a result of having people hold my hand and mentor me. I am grateful!


He has my back. He is there for me, and I will be still and know that He is God, He is in control.


God plans and dictates our next steps; we don’t.


I am that bitch, been that bitch, still that bitch!


2020 was a year that forced us all out of our comfort zones. Pushed us to be disruptive in the best ways. We’ve lost people we never thought we could do without but here we are, being the best version of ourselves. It forced us to run back to our family. Family not just being related by blood, but those who pick you up when you fall on the dusty road.  And most importantly, it taught us to be patient. With all our plans that we wanted to execute and didn’t go through, we wait upon God’s right timing. He’s timing is best.


It is the time I’ve spent doing what I’m passionate about; having adventures that are “timeless”.


Adapting. It’s taught me that things change, and not just for you, but for everyone.  So you have to change with it in order to survive.

The strongest survive because they are open to change, which eventually brings about growth. You can grow by doing the same things everyday,  that’s just insanity. But being ready to get uncomfortable.

Do things differently and all, that’s what survival is. We all had to change how we do things , so it just brought a fresher perspective to how we do things because it challenged our culture.

Growth. I have honestly cried, given up, wished I never started things , nearly quit others Because I felt like it was just impossible for me. Until I talked to some people and I remember the one thing they all learned to was the importance of trying things out. You’ll never know what you’re good at if you don’t try.

So getting out of that comfort zone, surpassing the fear and just doing things taught me: 

1. To embrace failure because it’s part of life….at least you tried 

2. To learn from my mistakes and grow


My greatest lesson has been a change of mindset of how I see the world. Generally ,my precept of how I view the world now is based on how God views the world. I have listened and read of stories and encounters that I have related to and have given me a sense of hope and belonging. A God that views perfection amidst imperfections. Like David who was a murderer and an adulterer but an anointed king. Basically I can now employ this concept with a touch of the Kintsugi and kaizen philosophy.

In a few words life is just but a beautiful mess.


My lesson this year was to rely on God for everything and to expect the least from humans. Saves me a lot of disappointment.


The importance of self reliance, the more dependent your business, career, lifestyle etc. the more heavily impacted you were in 2020. So I think people should constantly evaluate and assess their dependency points and make sure they are able to survive/sustain them should that person, entity, contract, relationship end.


Ask your parents about their regrets when they were your age. Learn from them. Also, live your own life. Don’t live a life your parents have ‘planned’ for you. You’re the captain of your own life. Steer it in the direction your passions lie.


Time is never on our side; cliché but 2020 has made me see and appreciate time. There’s always going to be a silver lining like this year I’ve made new friends, got back to drawing and learnt to appreciate myself more. Do what makes me happy and not undermine myself and potential. There’s always going to be high highs and low lows but the lessons we get from that is what matters. Being spiritually strong or efficient is necessary. Being judgmental isn’t good. People do what they feel is right so we should let go and let God. And mind our business.


For me at the end of it all what matters is the relationship we have with those we have around us…family, friends etc. All the other things we chase is vanity.


Your health is the most important wealth.


Get a side hustle, Save for a rainy day, Get comfortable in your own company.


1. Count your blessings: just because it was a crappy year because of a lot of things doesn’t mean it was all bad. 

2. Growth isn’t an elevator, be it professionally or personally: Sometimes growth happens by moving on the same level instead of up and that’s okay.

3. Perspective is everything and your perspective attracts similar or relevant opportunities and people.


I learnt that it was not the year to achieve all your goals but to appreciate what I have because they are many things I wanted to accomplish this year but Corona had other plans so every little thing I accomplished am grateful.


Life is a beautiful delicate gift that we are given to hold, mould, experience then return. Earn the gift. Find your purpose. Live your passion. Embrace love. Allow joy. Be grateful.




Biggest lesson; If you want to do something, do it now, do it afraid, do it broke, do it whichever way you can but just do it. The world could literally stop and clearly it gives no warning.


2020 has taught me plans are just  time-framed fantasies. Whatever is destined happens; planned or not.


Be humble, connect with God and family, save and be comfortable with the impermanence of people and things.


Saving a lot, taking a day at a time and never taking life for granted.


Love like your life depends on it. Sometimes it can be hard to find a reason to love but one must always remember to choose love. It is the light to the pathway of happiness. Love for self and first others as well as what we set out our hearts and minds to do.


There’s more to life than education. Scratch that. First of all, It’s everything. Kama ningekuwa na papers singekaa home hio period yote.


1. Health is wealth

2. It’s good to save

3. Life is uncertain 

4. Family is everything 


Stop or you will be stopped. Do the things you want to do when you have time, energy, freedom. Stop pushing it to another time cause future is just a wish and the world can decide to stop you from doing it. Work on your craft and be indispensable, most people have lost jobs but at the same people are being hired and others making it big in their fields because no matter the circumstances their craft is a necessity, you can’t wish them away.


It’s been a introspective year for me and this is what I drew; Desist from using comfort zones as an excuse to not push boundaries.  

Every man in their twenties must endeavor to find out what masculinity means, and means to them. Have an income no matter how small it may seem. Holistic mentors are ‘importanter’ for any young soul.

Realise and acknowledge things you’ve taken for granted. Talk to people about their values and aspirations.


There’s no befitting way to summarize the rawness expressed in this post. We are humbled to have been entrusted with the thoughts and words of some of the greatest people of our time.

From us to you Merry Christmas ? and a happy New Year.


  • Kashata

    Main takeaway: Sherehe haitaki hasira??

  • Noel Cynthia

    This is niiiiiiice!
    Backbenchas, yours was an amazing debut and the journey is unfolding beautifully.
    My 2020 lesson,
    Nothing could ever replace the joy that comes with working hard and seeing what you’ve planted, bear fruit. Let no one cheat you out of that. Kuomoka ni kukazana. Whether you’re a brainiac or a brawniac.Work for yours. LOVE your family and the people who’ve chosen you as family. That’s your only sure BET.
    Also, Furahia.We’re chasing all these things to be happy.Through the journey, Furahia.Through the failures and losses, furahia!
    Pick yourself up and Try AGAIN.Over and over.

  • Kelly G

    I’ll probably re-read this post again & again, wonderful insights_ kumbe people have that gift of blogging under warRra//

  • Melon

    Aaaaah my guy gacharamu…this was my second best read,after Ile ya father’s day. Enyewe watu hapa nje ni wise

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