The world is abound with tales of drastic change mirroring the famed Damascus moment. Saul the persecutor of the early Church turned into one of its greatest champions.

Similarly, the most intolerant warlords have been known to convert into the most tolerant peace makers. What gives? Why such drastic realignments?

I guess the staunchest opponents, once changed, make the greatest critics. When the scales fall off, so do the gloves. And the bare knuckled fight to the death begins.

Perhaps the dismantling of their absolute truth creates a fury rivalling only that of a woman scorned. Paul fought a good fight and kept the faith. I reckon Saul still would have left an indelible mark had he stayed on as persecutor. A different legacy, but a lasting one all the same.

Theism and Atheism Back and Forth

I have had a certain book in my library since 2018. It’s one of those books that you never get past the preface. New additions are done and dusted while it gathers dust.

For some neglected books, it’s just not their time. For this one, the title mortified me. Heck, it still scares me stiff. I can almost hear Backbenchas heckling.

Nonetheless, who wouldn’t take a step back before reading a book titled ‘Nonsense from the Bible’?

The author writes about his drastic change from a born again minister to a fully fledged atheist. Someone braver than me tells me she read it in a day and it was quite funny. (A copy is available on our telegram channel).

Gathering from the preface, he found a loophole. Soon some more loopholes and unanswered questions emerged. Then he had so many loopholes that Elon Musk couldn’t afford them. Not even with a soft loan from Bezos.

His spirit crushed, he became disillusioned with religion. As a result, we ended up with this title. See how strong a Damascus moment is?

Side-bar: My form one physics teacher once asked us a very heavy ‘would you rather’. Would you rather believe and find out the Big man exists not or don’t believe and find out He exists?

Simp Revolution

He was the perfect ‘gentleman’. Charming, smooth talking, funny. Intelligent even. The gentlemen of yore who laid out their fine coats on filthy earth; for the lady.

Likewise, our boy lay his heart , soul and mind out on the cruel streets. Only for a girl(s) in bata ngomas to break him over and over. He did everything right. However, in the absence of tangible results, his actions were christened simping.

The irony, he says(tongue in cheek), is that parts of him he wished broken remained unbroken.

As a result, he made drastic changes to his ways of relating. Learnt to be clearer than crystal and know when to walk away. He says it’s about finding the delicate balance between a joy ride and a joyous ride.

Come to think of it, there should be a museum dedicated to the contributions, deeds and misdeeds of the simp. Call it The Simpsonian.


Darling/Villain : Blurred Optical Lines of the Media

In the earlier years of Mugabe’s rule, he was a darling of the Western press. At the same time, Mandela was nothing but a rightfully incarcerated terrorist.

Fast forward to the new millennium. All out of jail. All statesmen.

The darling is losing favor in the court of western press public opinion. Conversely, the villain has had a meteoric rise. An angel.

That’s how strong a press with an agenda is. Saints and villains are created and changed faster than the Catholic Church canonizes.

I believe the media is only as independent as its owners allow. Yes, the buck stops with them. However, the big bucks ultimately have their way.

Tom and Jerry

A cat has nine lives but a sly politician has infinite ones. He/she turns coats almost like it’s an involuntary action. They breathe, they turn.

At the front, they’re decisive unwavering leaders. The truth is them and they are the truth. Principles are their second name. Their first; champions of the masses.

A very well executed puppet show is what it is.

I seem to have digressed. My point is, politicians play a cat and mouse game. Specifically, Tom and Jerry. One thrives on the existence of the other. They will fight, they will howl but still stick together whenever need arises.

For example, the shifting allegiances to the BBI report are a marvel to watch. One moment you’re spewing bile, the next sweet nothings like a poet head over heels in love. Today, guns blazing. Tomorrow, roses exchanging.

Last Call

Whoever said change is as good as rest had probably never experienced the restlessness that comes with a Damascus moment. A cocktail of confusion, fear and uncertainty. Confusion about the new, fear of the unknown and uncertainty about the way forward.

How do you handle the drastic changes to your life?

I hope I’ve made sense and that you got your two cents’ worth.


  • Warūru wa Ndegwa

    No more Mr Simpson. ??


    Nice article.About religion or is it my spiritual beliefs,there is no two way about it..infact i dont indulge in talk that stirs up whether God exists or not,i chose to believe and thats it….so no way am being Saul-Paul about it, Non-negotiable!haha!

    BBI is crap, thats my stand before you all come at me!???again there’s no changing calls like Paul.

    This was a well thought out article! Cant locate stars on my keyboard but here goes 5 stars!

  • Merde

    ? ? ? ?as usual this is packed with content and cheek that puns me up

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